Daily Archives: August 9, 2005

August 9, 2005

Thank You, Reds

For making my afternoon bearable. At 1:20, just as the twilight zone of corporate America was starting to take over and I was beginning to think that there was no way I was going to survive reading any more SQL, you gave me an application window to station on my second monitor, and through that window you showed me several reasons to throw my arms up in silent jubilation and spin around in my office chair, after carefully checking that no one in my office was watching, of course. I am in your debt.

As you probably gathered from that last overly loquacious paragraph, I was at work through today's game, so I don't have much insight to share, just a few quick random thoughts that I'll bulletize:

  • The Gameday identifies Lopez as “Felipe LopezJr.” I assumed that was a screw-up, someone getting overzealous with the Jrs after typing in Griffey's name. But I learned something new today; according to this article, Lopez is, in fact, a junior. Also according to the article, he's doing his name much prouder than his predecessor.
  • Edwin Encarnación hit his second home run in the majors. I'll be disappointed if the story of getting the ball back doesn't involve a long, rambling tale of a writing implement. Since it was at Wrigley, I imagine someone just threw it back and I'll be disappointed. But maybe they threw a pencil along with it. A pencil with a long, rambling tale. Hey, I can hope.
  • No one's had a three-error game in, like, two whole days, so I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall. Casey's due for some errors, right?

Tomorrow is promising to be just as full of SQL, so I'm glad that there's another Gameday show in store. Of course, I would much prefer to be at an actual game, especially if it was one with one of these upcoming giveaways. The Aurilia doll gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies, but I'll take a plaque commemorating Dunn's strike-out record any day.