Daily Archives: August 22, 2005

August 22, 2005

Off Day and Bored

Was it just yesterday that I was squirming as I listened to the game on the radio, thinking about how I was getting bored in these long August days of the baseball season? Hard to believe as I sit here on the off day, squirming as I read Reds news and wonder what to do with myself without a game to listen to.


In random tidbits:

  • Felipe Lopez is the player of the week. Good for Felipe.
  • I love this photo. If he'd actually caught the ball, I'd be completely smitten.
  • Hank Waddles sent me a link to this article he wrote about junior Griffey's return to greatness. It's nice, light reading.

I'll be more appreciative to have a game again tomorrow. Go Reds!