May 19, 2006

A Weekend in D.C.

In just six and a half hours I have to be out the door to the airport to make my flight to Washington D.C. My baby brother, of whom I am very proud, is graduating from George Washington University this weekend. Congratulations, Peter!

So, though I'm now officially two game wraps behind--and both wins at that--they're just going to have to wait another day. Next time you hear from me, I'll be writing from our nation's capital. I'll be checking out the Nationals/Orioles game on Sunday, so look for some mediocre RFK photos here early next week.

As for Tiny Casey, you'll be glad to know that a fella by the name of Jeff located him. Unfortunately, he did not correctly identify his kidnapper, and besides, declined the fantastic prize package. So it's not too late for you to be the big winner.

Wish me luck at the airport. Go Reds!

1 comment to “A Weekend in D.C.”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    OK, RHM, good luck at the airport. Both of them.

    I don’t know why it seems that something always happens with the Reds as soon as RHM slips away, but…while she’s going through airport security, I guess it falls to me to interrupt this thread so that I can inform everyone that the Reds have activated Eric Milton from the DL, as expected.

    However – and here’s the kicker – instead of sending Elizardo Ramirez back to Louisville as expected, the Reds DFA’ed Dave Williams.

    We now return you to RHM’s discussion of the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), already in progress.

    John, KC2HMZ