February 1, 2007

Reds Sign Brian Meadows

According to C. Trent:

The Reds signed RHP Brian Meadows to a minor league contract and he will be invited to major league camp.

To clarify for those of you who might get mixed up, this is Brian Meadows:

I'm Brian Meadows!

Not to be confused with Brian Fellow:

I'm Brian Fellow!

I hope that clears things up.

2 comments to “Reds Sign Brian Meadows”

  1. Zeldink says:

    That does clear things up. That’s the only thing I could think of when reading about that transaction, too.

    For those unfamiliar with Brian Fellow and his stellar work with animals, here’s a description of him:[quote]Brian Fellow is not an accredited zoologist, nor does he hold an advanced degree in any of the environmental sciences. He is simply an enthusiastic young man with a sixth grade education and an abiding love for all of God’s creatures.[/quote]

  2. KC2HMZ says:

    Well, okay, but can he paint the black with a hard slider for a clutch K with two out, bases loaded, and a full count on Albert Pujols?

    Brian Meadows pretty much can’t, Pujols is 6-for-18 against Meadows for his career, with more homers (2) than strikeouts (1). This despite the fact that supposedly, Meadows has a quality slider.

    Well, if Meadows was being touted as the new closer, I’d be seriously upset, particularly with his numbers late in games. But thankfully, despite the obligatory invitation to Sarasota, this is a minor league deal. That hurts nothing…as long as he stays in the minor leagues!

    Speaking of minor league deals, the Reds also agreed to terms on one-year contracts with LHPs Jon Coutlangus and Phil Dumatrait, RHP Calvin Medlock, 1B Joey Votto (one of the team’s top prospects), and of course – last but certainly not least – OF Chris Dickerson, RHM’s most recent Redsfest conquest.