February 9, 2007


What timing by Krivsky and Castellini… by signing Harang and Arroyo just days before spring training they have put a huge BOOST into fan morale. I know I am psyched, how bout you?

Watch this vide if you need some Red baseball right friggin now:

Reds 2006 Walk Off Home Runs

2 comments to “ARE YOU READY?!!??”

  1. smartelf says:

    And some Ryan Freel action:

    [url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=IujNz3T0Nw8]Ryan Freel: King of the Web Gem[/url]

  2. KC2HMZ says:

    The Reds *had* to lock up Harang to a long-term deal. Everybody pretty much understood when they passed on all those asinine free agent contracts. But Harang was one of our own, he was not asking for the moon and the stars to begin with, and it was very obvious to us all that the time to lock him up for the next four or five years was right. I said it, some other people who posted here on RHM said it, Lonnie Wheeler said it. If they’d have lowballed Harang and we had to watch him walk as a free agent in a year or two, the fans would NOT have understood that, and it would have left a very sour taste in the fans’ mouths. So, OK, the Reds realized it and did the right thing. I expected no less of them.

    But – to go and also lock up Arroyo the same way? That, I did not expect, and neither did Bronson Arroyo by his own admission, and nor do I think anyone else expected it. Arroyo was already signed for two more years. To extend his contract already, that didn’t fall out of the sky. That had to have been personally okayed by Bob Castellini. With this move, the Reds organization has shown us something. Or does anyone want to try and tell us this would have happened under the Carl Lindner administration?

    I’m ready! Too bad we can’t get Hank Jr. to ask the question for us: “Are you ready for some baseball?”

    “Hell yeah!”