February 16, 2007

Hot Tub 1, Kerry Wood 0

So, Kerry Wood is already hurt:

Oft-injured Kerry Wood is out again this time because of a flub in a hot tub.

The Chicago Cubs pitcher is not expected to throw off the mound for a few days after he slipped this week getting out of a hot tub at home. Wood landed on his stomach and chest.

That's an injury I hadn't foreseen when talking about the Baby Bear Boo-Boos. Note to Cubs: buy the man some Aqua Socks.

3 comments to “Hot Tub 1, Kerry Wood 0”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    Wow! RHM, you really ought to warn us before you break such shocking news. Tell us to sit down first or something. Just when you think Kerry Wood and Mark Prior have run out of ways to start the season on the disabled list, they come up with something entirely different.

    OK, that takes care of Wood. Now, next week, I suppose we’ll be hearing that Prior will start the year on the DL because he got down to spring training, left his cell phone at the ballpark, tried to retrieve it at 3:00 in the morning, and got half his ass torn off by a guard dog. Or something equally wierd and unlikely.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Wait till you see what I just posted about Junior. You’re like to come down with a case of the vapors!

  3. KC2HMZ says:

    Yup, I found it a few minutes later when I finished commenting in another thread and refreshed the front page. No vapors, though, I think a healthy Griffey is good news.

    I agree that there’s something fishy about his story involving a shark jumping into his boat, though. Not sure what he was angling for, but I know some guys who’ve gone deep sea fishing and one of them actually caught a shark once. The way he told it, it was extremely difficult to get the darn thing into the boat. He said it took, like, two hours to get a six-foot shark into that boat. It refused to cooperate, and they finally had to thump that sucker upside the head several times, using some sort of polyurethane club the charter captains down in Florida apparently keep on board for precisely this purpose.

    So, I think The Kid went overboard a little on this one. Either that, or maybe the reporters covering the story simply missed the boat. But since I’m hooked on the reds, I’m glad to hear that Junior is apparently in good health. I don’t want him listed up there with Wood and Prior when the season starts. I want him healthy so we can enjoy watching him fillet our opponents’ pitching all year.