April 22, 2007

Episode 55: The Seventh Inning Show

He's like Mr. Red, but with a moustacheThe CTS and I turned on the iRiver in the seventh innning of the game Saturday to talk about the highlights of the game, the view from the nosebleed seats, and the wave that was going on around us.We also did a little play-by-play, which was super-fun. The CTS is working on a way to let us talk about a couple games live, which I’m definitely looking forward to. Hopefully this preview doesn’t make you dread it.

Episode 55: The Seventh Inning Show (15.4 MB, 22:22)

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6 comments to “Episode 55: The Seventh Inning Show”

  1. otto says:

    I didn’t do it.

  2. otto says:

    This is hysterical… you can do this every game. I love the commentary on the bloopers.

  3. crumworld says:

    I am from cleveland but LOVE the Reds!!!! my girl and i went down to cincinnati for the same game u were at and loved it. i am even slowly turning my girl into a reds fan. boo the indians, can’t stand them. grady’s ladys can suck mine. anywho, when i started listening to this episode i couldn’t believe it was the same game we went to, well sorry for rambleing and keep up the good work!

  4. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hiya Crumworld and welcome to Red Hot Mama. It’s always a pleasure to talk to a new reader.

    That’s awesome that we were at the same game, and I’m so sorry to hear that you live in Cleveland. Next time we’re in Cincy at the same time, we’ll have to hook up. You can make an appearance on the podcast.

  5. crumworld says:

    so u r saying that there will be more live game podcasts!?! as someone else posted earlier, i did enjoy it. i know about everything on the indians which i stay true with my reds and everyone i know knows that. when the reds come up here to cleveland, i go to the series and its always great to see many other reds fans fill the jake.

  6. Red Hot Mama says:

    We always have the iRiver with us when we go to the ballpark, just in case we get the opportunity to interview the Gapper.

    Our next scheduled trip to GABP is for the weekend series with the Cards at the end of June