March 15, 2010

ST Game 9: White Sox 5, Reds 5

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W: N/A L: N/A


It was a sunny day in Goodyear. Unfortunately, it was our last one there for this Spring. We did finally get to see a game at the Cincinnati Reds’ Goodyear Stadium.

The park had no upper level and appeared to be built in a hole dug into the ground instead of constructing it atop the desert floor. I don’t know if that had anything to do with the freezing cold of being in the shade, but it was one of the rare baseball games when I’ve actively sought out the sun.

Overall, the place was lovely, but it had a not-quite completed feel to it. I expect that to change as both the Indians and Reds become more established.

The game was all Reds until the 9th, when we were standing in the Kids Run the Bases line. Jordan Smith blew the game in grand style, making extra innings seem a sure thing. Mercifully, as if the Reds knew we had a flight to catch, the game was called after the bottom of the inning.

In lieu of the slideshow I’ve used for the other game wraps, here’s a gallery in rhyme.

Edit: The Joey Votto image was so well-received at the RHM household that I needed to travel back to the halcyon days of Windows 95 and turn it into a desktop wallpaper (1920×1440).

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