March 31, 2010

SI looks at whether salaries cause WAR

Sports Illustrated’s 2010 MLB preview (on newsstands now!) features a piece by Joe Lemire called “War Stories,” which lists the players with the highest 2009 WAR (Wins Above Replacement) at each position for each of several salary ranges.

The Reds have a few members that make the list, including two (two??) first basemen:

  • < $1M - Joey Votto at 1B with a WAR of 4.5. What a steal!
  • $2M-$3M – Ramon Hernandez at 1B with a WAR of 0.4. Someone smells overpaid.
  • $5M-$7.5M – Brandon Phillips at 2B with a WAR of 3.2. I think he can bring that up.

Lots of other NLCers on the list as well (the Cardinal reps become more prevalent as the price goes up), so pick up a copy to check it out.

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