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February 19, 2011

MLB offers their version of the Groupon challenge

Desperate to keep the streak of days with posts alive, I came in from a birthday party at Dave and Buster’s and checked out the Reds.com page for a tidbit I could write a few lines about before collapsing into blissful sleep. And much to my joy, there was this announcement:

Major League Baseball is casting for an innovative new experience, which will require one lucky fan to eat, sleep, and live baseball for an entire season.

It sounds good at first, but as you get down to the “Responsibilities” you discover that you have to go, say, and even live where MLB tells you for an entire baseball season. You’d be required to watch every single regular season and postseason game in 2011, and given that one of the Qualifications is “Strong organizational skills with the ability to give attention to multiple things at the same time,” I get the feeling you may have to watch several of them simultaneously.

But maybe after you finish living on nothing but Groupons for a year, you’d be ready for the high life of baseball sensory overload. There probably won’t be much time for Dave and Buster’s, though.