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February 26, 2011

Reds Play First Baseball of 2011

The Cincinnati Reds played some actual baseball today. Sure it was just a 5-inning scrimmage against themselves, but it’s one of those steps to real, live games.

Apparently, a guy you’ve likely never heard of, Dave Sappelt, was the hitting star. Fresh off being the 2010 minor league hitter of the year, he went 3-3 in his first major league camp “game.”

“It’s definitely good to do well in front of the big league staff,” he said. “You want to show them what you can do.”

Logan Ondrusek struggled, giving up three runs on two outs, while Travis Wood was solid. Wood retired six of the seven batters he faced. That one he didn’t get out? A home run from Jonny Gomes.

This was obviously just a warmup. The first Spring Training game is tomorrow against the Cleveland Indians at 3:05pm EST.