Daily Archives: June 9, 2011

June 9, 2011

Hating the West Coast Trip

Blech. The West coast trip. The worst time of the season.

Summers are busy enough, and finding unconflicted time to sit down to some good baseball watching ain’t easy even when the Reds are competing for my attention with little league games and yard work. When the Reds are competing with my sleeping time, no matter who wins, the big loser ends up being me in the morning. Heaven help me if they go to 19 innings again.

Tomorrow is the last day before the Blog Jog. To train or not to train the day before? On the one hand, I read a blog post from a marathoner who said she mostly stays off her feet the day before a race. On the other hand, she’s running real races, not the baby 5K that will, nonetheless, knock me entirely on my ass. At least there’ll be beer afterward. Though probably not baseball. I’ll be too tired to stay up that late.