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June 17, 2011

Interleague Equality and the Fortunate 50

The Reds lost to the Blue Jays tonight, and it was a game they probably should have won, but not to the degree that the Cardinals should win tonight. And even so, as of this writing, the Cards are down by one. Go Royals! I guess!

If the fine folks in Kansas City can help the Reds not to slip into anymore distant a third place, I’m sure we’d all appreciate it. Meanwhile, the NLC’s first place Brewers have drawn the Red Sox for this round of interleague play. That’s totally fair.

Of course, with this interleague play, you pretty much never know what you’re going to get (except in the case of the aforementioned Cardinals, who’s “rival” is the Charlie Brown of the MLB). Case-in-point, the Pirates, who, in their first non-abysmal year in recent memory have matched up against the also-non-abysmal Indians. I heard it’s the first time the two teams have played each other when both teams were over .500. Will wonders never cease?

Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated has published this year’s list of the mostly highly paid American Athletes, called the Fortunate 50. With one player in the top 10 and only 15 in the whole 50 (and obviously not a Red among them), it seems like baseball players are underpaid (or more rationally paid, depending on your point of view), compared to other sports, especially football. But since playing football apparently also makes you insane and shortens your life significantly, maybe it’s really just a form of hazard pay.

Get some sleep, everyone. Interleague play continue tomorrow. With the Pirates on the roll they’re on, the Reds need to take this one just to keep third place to themselves. Seriously, you just never know what you’re going to get.