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June 26, 2011

Reds Tweet Up July 1

Not that the team has been so great to watch lately–it’s hard to see them get thiiiiiiis close (|—-|) every night–but it’s bound to come together for them sooner or later, and it who knows, it might well be this Friday when they retake third place from those wily Pittsburgh Pirates.

So with that possibility in mind, the Red Hot Family has taken July 1 off from work and is including a quick 2.5 hour drive to Cincinnati in the four-day weekend. The Indians will be in town, so it shouldn’t exactly be one of those games that people have to be talked into going to, but even so the Reds marketing guys have decided to use this as the tweet-up game.

I suppose if you read about it here and not on Twitter, that makes it not a real tweet-up, but everybody like a good deal and this is one of those. $25 for a ticket and a shirt is pretty darn good, even if they do tack on another $15 in processing fees.

You can check out the specifics of this deal at reds.com/tweetup and maybe the good deal will come with a good game.