Daily Archives: June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

Wednesday Night Quick Hits

Lots of stems of thoughts today, but no time to actually think any of them through, so I’ll leverage the lazy blogger’s favorite page layout device, the bullet:

  • Chris Heisey is a helluva pinch hitter, especially when he’s leading off.
  • I love how optimistic salvaging one game in the series with the Yankees makes the broadcasters. These guys have waited so long for a team to be optimistic about.
  • Jack McKeon is 80. 80 years old. He can bench, yell, and bench. He’s 80.
  • Hell-to-the-yeah, Johnny Cueto.
  • Have you done your All-Star voting yet? Just because Pujols broke his arm and may not be able to start anyway is no reason to let him win.

Enjoy the off-day tomorrow, everyone. Fingers and toes crossed for a Cardinals loss and Brewers failure to prepare adequately for Friday.