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June 23, 2011

Will They or Won’t They?

Rumors are bouncing around the internet tubes that the Cincinnati Reds will be calling up shortstop Zach Cozart from Louisville before Friday’s game.

Who’s the source of such wild speculation? None other than Cincinnati Enquirer Reds beat writer John Fay.

I think you could see Zack Cozart in a Reds uniform by the time the club gets to Baltimore. I don’t know that for sure, but I get that sense.

The club is struggling so badly offensively that it needs some sort of spark. Cozart could provide it. He’s hitting .320 with 25 doubles, seven home runs and 29 RBI at Triple- A Louisville.

If this is true, then the Reds have reached the “point” that general manager Walt Jocketty referred to.

It also means that the Reds would have to free up a spot on the 25-man. Cozart is already on the 40-man, so no move is needed there. The most likely person on the 25-man roster to make room for Cozart would seem to be Edgar Renteria, who really hasn’t produced this year. Of course, the Reds would have to DFA him, unlike Paul Janish, who has options.

I hope a move is made. This team keeps plodding along. It feels like a spark is all that’s needed to get them going. And an eager, young guy might just be what’s needed.