September 26, 2011

Walt “The Tree” Jocketty

Not The TradeWhen we were kids, my brother got the nickname “the tree” on his little league team for setting the league record for drawing walks. He didn’t do badly–taking a walk is good–but he just didn’t do a lot of anything in the box. Nevertheless, he did get awarded bases a lot at the expense of the opposing pitchers.

Since the last time I wrote, general manager Walt Jocketty’s contract was extended for another three years. You might see it as another case of getting awarded first for doing not a lot of anything other than failing to strike out.

I mean, credit where credit is due for giving away Jonny Gomes for big fat nothing and hosting the worlds’ largest game of musical chairs with Louisville, but this team was waving and screaming for two months before finally disappearing into the waves and Jocketty never took the bat off his shoulder.

But he didn’t commit The Trade, so let’s let The Tree grow three more rings (the kind a tree grows that indicates how old it is, not the championship kind) in Cincinnati. Thanks to this contract extension, Jocketty will be in town the perfect amount of time to play it safe and fail to bring in any more help for the entirety of Joey Votto’s contract.

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