October 23, 2011

Rangers tie it back up

After that unholy shellacking that the Cards put the Rangers through last night (at least, so I hear…I turned it off before St. Louis even got to 12 runs), Texas came back to tie the series up 2-2 in shutout fashion. As you know, all the should-be spokesmen for the team ducked out on the media after their last lost–proving once and for all that Brandon Phillips has them all wrong–leaving the rookies to fend for themselves.

I don’t know whether they did that again tonight; the broadcast I was watching hadn’t even tried to talk to them. To be fair, though, how many ways are there to say, “whatever we had yesterday was gone today”?

With the Colts game tonight, though, there’s no way anyone’s going to be talking about the World Series around the old water cooler tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of a 55-point differential in a professional football game before, especially not when the two teams were facing each other in the Super Bowl, what, two years ago?

But I digress. The Rangers get their last home game tomorrow before the series moves back to St. Louis.

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