July 11, 2012

Daily Brief: National League wins All Star Game

Last Game
The National League trounced the American League in last night’s All Star Game: final score NL 8, AL 0. Joey Votto continued his 0-for-ASG streak, though the NL has won all of the ASGs he’s been in. Jay Bruce also didn’t get any hits, but caught the last out of the game. Aroldis Chapman only put in 0.1 innings, but he was pitching for Tony LaRussa after all.

Next Game
The Reds have today and tomorrow off. They’re back in action against the Cardinals on Friday. In the meantime, you’ll just have to bust out Monopoly or something.

Home Field Advantage
Should the Reds make their way into the World Series this season, you’ll have one additional opportunity to catch a game in Cincinnati. Assuming they don’t clamp the door shut in 4 games, that is.

Well, a girl can dream. Let’s not forget that the Pirates are currently in possession of first place in the NLC, and look like they have a better chance of maintaining that hold than in recent years.

To provide a little contrast, the Pirates’ All-Star hitter (Andrew McCutchen) actually got a hit. Their reliever (Joel Hanrahan) didn’t allow any walks before he struck his one batter of the night out. Not that any of it means anything, but I wouldn’t mind having a little more to brag about my specific guys right now.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
The All Star Game has been held in Kansas City three times: 1960, 1973, and 2012. The National League won all three of those games.

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