May 16, 2005

Wilson Loses Arms, Says He’s Fine

NEW YORK, NY -- Paul Wilson will not go on the disabled list even though both of his arms fell off in the fifth inning of today's game.

Wilson's right arm catapulted from his body on a pitch to David Wright. Beyond the release point, his arm carried the inertia of the throwing motion to land about halfway between the mound and the plate. Despite the initial shock of seeing an extremity flying his way, Wright managed to hit the pitch to the mound for an RBI double. Wilson got to the ball, but failed to make the out when his left arm dropped to the ground.

Even if his left arm had remained attached, it is unlikely that Wilson could have made the out, since he had no right arm with which to throw to first, so the play was scored a hit. Wilson came out of the game, but will not go on the DL.

“For Pauly, it is mental and a matter of confidence in himself and his ability,” said pitching coach Don Gullet, “We'll let him decide if he needs a break, like we did so successfully with [Ben] Weber.”

Asked how the injury would affect his pitching, Wilson said, “'Tis but a scratch.”

When it was pointed out that he had no arms left, Wilson went on to explain that it was “just a flesh wound.”

Wilson is next scheduled to start at Great American Ballpark Sunday against Cleveland.

1 comment to “Wilson Loses Arms, Says He’s Fine”

  1. Joel says:

    Losing two arms shouldn’t be a problem for Wilson since he can probably spit the ball as hard as he was throwing it last night.