Daily Archives: May 24, 2005

May 24, 2005

Sweet Dreams To Be Had By All

Holey samoley, what a long game. Reminds me of the game on the day my son was born, a story about which I'll be posting this weekend. Tonight's game probably about as painful for the players as that game 4 years ago, but it is significantly less so for me, seeing as I'm not in labor.

Points that I thought were worthy of note:

  • No television coverage tonight, so my mental acuity was again tested as I tried to keep track of where the heck everyone was playing. I was about lost after musical positions when Sean Casey left the game (I hope you're OK, Case). Adam Dunn from left to first, Ryan Freel from third to left, Luis Lopez from second to third, William Bergolla comes in at second. I thought they should have gone ahead and switched Austin Kearns and Ken Griffey, Jr, too, just for fun.
  • On a related note, since there was no t.v. and the GameDay froze up in the third inning for the longest time, I really had to pay close attention to the radio broadcast. My goodness, Marty really is quite hard on Dunn, isn't he?
  • Brandon Claussen turned in what can technically be called a quality start. It really wasn't too bad a start, I reckon: 2 runs over 6 innings, but thanks to the extra innings the bullpen went on to have a very long night anyway. They have to play an afternoon game tomorrow, but fortunately there were plenty of pitchers to share the burden. Carrying 13 pitchers looks pretty smart now, doesn't it? It still doesn't? Oh.
  • Austin Kearns came up with a clutch hit in the first inning to score the three runs that were the Reds score for so long, plus a few other hits that looked good. This offense is waking up, but could still use a boost: how nice would it be to have been to have brought in Wily Mo Peña off the bench tonight?
  • Suddenly the Reds have a running game. Ryan Freel was thrown out twice, Felipe Lopez was thrown out once. Lopez and Sean Casey, however, participated in a successful double-steal. Weird.
  • Three Reds were hit by pitches, including Jason LaRue taking a pitch in the hand in the 11th. They'd already pinch hit with Javy Valentín, so if LaRue had had to come out of the game, it would have been Freel catching. I would have been really bummed not to have been able to see that first-hand.
  • The new guy, Randy Keisler, not only pitched the last two scoreless innings to get the win, but also came up with the major clutch hit to knock in LaRue, the winning run. What a night for him.

This is fantastic. A few days ago, I never would have imagined these Reds would hang in there so long to win a game, to win the second game in a row, to win the series. Aaron Harang goes tomorrow: a sweep is a very real possibility.

Sleep tight, everyone.