Daily Archives: May 20, 2005

May 20, 2005

Visualize Victory

Yay! Woo! Reds beat the Indians, 2-1! How wonderfully unexpected!

Tonight's contest wasn't televised for me, so I got to listen to it on the radio and practice my skills of visualization. Let's see how I did:

  • Aaron Harang allowed one run over seven and one-third innings. The crowd booed when they took him out with a couple baserunners and one out in the eighth, but I couldn't hear them at first over my own booing.
  • Adam Dunn and Felipe Lopez hooked up to hit solo shots to account for all of the Reds scoring. Two runs! I have a good feeling about those two.
  • Ryan Wagner came in to walk two batters. Wags, despite being a bad-ass, is a young bad-ass who seems to crack a little under the pressure. He'll get there.
  • Danny Graves came in with the bases loaded and two outs in the eight to strike out Travis Hafner and end the inning. Boy-oh-boy, did Marty sound surprised. Then he finished out the ninth, and not so much as a single out was a fly ball. Who the hell was that??

The Reds won tonight without the assistance of D'Angelo Jimenez, whom you all know by now has been designated for assignment. I would like to say that I'm sad about it, but I'm really not much of anything about it. Jimenez was about the least engaging character on the team. Had I gotten around to writing his profile before now, the one joke I had prepared was that What Wearing #3 Says About You is that you are Jimenez's mother, because that's the one person who knows him well enough to care that much.

As much as I'm not sad, I'm equally not impressed. The was about the safest, easiest, least-surprising roster move that possibly could have been made. It was less of a shake-up than a gentle rocking motion. However, since I'm still just a fan and not a paid baseball pundit, I'm going to be satisfied with the win tonight and not worry too much about the move.

Let's all continue to practice our visualization skills and visualize a win for Elizardo Ramirez tomorrow. Go Reds!