Daily Archives: May 26, 2005

May 26, 2005

Trying Out the New Laptop

This is exciting; we got a laptop this week so tonight, for the first time this season, I have a computer in the same room as a television. Finally, I can keep electronic notes as I watch. Or rather, I could if our satellite signal weren't completely screwed. So actually I'm mostly keeping electronic notes as I listen to the radio.

But I am in the same room as the television, demmit.

Running list of what I thought was worthy of note:

  • I'm sure I'm not the first to point out that this line-up bites hard, even considering what they have to work with tonight. For the uninitiated, it goes:
    1. Freel
    2. Bergolla
    3. F. Lopez
    4. Kearns
    5. Dunn
    6. L. Lopez
    7. Romano
    8. Valentín
    9. pitcher

    Remember that game on The Price is Right where you put prices with prizes, they tell you how many you have right, and then you try to fix the rest? Well, Miley, you've got three: go try again.

  • As Miley says, it all starts with the guy who starts pitching, and Ramirez didn't start it off so great. Two and two-thirds innings and six runs. Ouch. I think that ice in his veins melted and watered him down some.
  • Felipe Lopez hit a solo shot right off the bat in the first inning. Rich Aurilia can come back any time now, and the amount of terror I have that they're going to plug him back in at shortstop tells me that I'm now officially, 100% on the Felipe Lopez bandwagon. I'm going to have to find something with his name on it next time we're at the stadium. Then I'll update his profile to say that wearing number 2 tells the world that you're Red Hot.
  • I'm nearly positive that between at-bats in the second inning and the fourth inning, Jason Romano shaved. Every little bit helps I guess: he got a hit in the fourth and another in the ninth.
  • Jack Wilson is one freaky-lookin' dude.

Reds lose 8-4. That was disappointing, but it wasn't a loss that left me feeling like we're back to square one or anything. I think Ortiz and more of the regular line-up can take these guys tomorrow.

I'll have my laptop ready.