Daily Archives: May 18, 2005

May 18, 2005

The Day Before The Day Off

Wow, what a game today. I'm riveted to the MLB GameDay long enough to witness Sean Casey single in Ryan Freel. The score is 6-3 when I take off for a measly hour to attend a meeting to discuss the future of documentation in my company, and when I get back it's 10-3.

I did like, though, how the Reds managed to score just enough runs in the ninth inning so that people everywhere would be able to say “If only Graves hadn't pitched, we'd still be in it!”

Casey had an awesome game, which I'm particularly happy about because he's on my fantasy team, and I had him playing. Freel had a less-than-awesome game, but not bad enough to really hurt my fantasy team.

Speaking of the fantasy team, before the game, I got to watch the first few innings of the Indians game, which included Aaron Boone hitting, on ESPN while I was at the gym. Boone is on my team, but I have not played him in a month because he's been sucking rice through a straw. I hear that the Indians are playing a really bad team this weekend, though, so it looks like I'll finally be giving him a chance.

Tomorrow's an off day, which means the Reds are going to have to get real creative if they expect to find a way to lose. Maybe they could pick a fight with a warren of rabbits to keep up the steady stream of pummelings.

I'll be using the off day as an opportunity to finally post a picture of the baseball-related Mother's Day gift that I mentioned last week. But in order to fully appreciate the baseball-related Mother's Day gift, you have to know its story, which is the story of the March 29 spring training entry of the game against the Yankees. That link will also appear tomorrow.

However, to understand the March 29 spring training entry, you really need the context of the March 28 spring training entry of the game against the Twins, so I'm posting that right now.

Enjoy, and go Reds!