Daily Archives: May 5, 2005

May 5, 2005

All Is Quiet…A Little Too Quiet

I guess I must be naïve because I kinda thought there might be some Reds news today for me to write about. Yet, here I am, after midnight Cincy time, with nothing in particular to say. I guess the club is hoping that a good night of Must See TV will be just the cure for their baseball doldrums.

That being the case, I'll make a few minor announcements:

  • I will be out of town on business Sunday through Wednesday. We haven't decided exactly what will go on at Red Hot Mama while I'm gone. If I can get my act together in time, I'll leave some ever-green content to be posted at regular intervals during my absence. If that doesn't happen, you might be treated to some guest posts by Red Hot Papi, or whatever other ridiculous name I can come up with to call Jon, my husband. Or maybe there just won't be content for a few days. But worry not! You'll be able to get your Mama-fix when I return on Thursday.
  • I am pleased and honored to be linked to from Popo's Sports Blog, the only blog out there with a name better than mine.
  • I have a very strong feeling that it's important for me to go to the game on Saturday, so I'm working out the details. As a woman, of course, I have a very acute intuition, but I can't always identify why I'm compelled to do a thing. In this case, for example, I might need to go to the game because I'll suddenly be called on, last-minute, to sing the national anthem, and my performance will launch my highly lucrative music career. More likely, I need to go because if I don't get out of the house for a game, I will become permanently fused to the keyboard at a molecular level. Either way.

Befuddlingly, that's all I've got. Maybe an evening full of Joey, Will and Grace, and The Apprentice really will have done the trick. Or maybe I'm being naïve.