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June 9, 2005

Much Ado About Shirts

A big, big win tonight over the Devil Rays, 14-5. It was a team-effort with contributions from everyone. Even the lady in the stands behind the plate with the low-cut pink-sequin top contributed by providing constant incentive for the guys to go back to the batter's box.

That's so very awesome, but it's too many darn runs for me to recap and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Instead, here's my list of somewhat related thoughts that were, if not actually about the game, at least pondered during the game.

Luke Hudson
He looks really freakin' good. And by that I mean that he's an attractive fellow, not that he pitched all that great. He wasn't awful or anything: Hudson gave up 5 runs on 3 hits and enjoyed a 6 run lead by the time he left the game after 6 innings. Considering that it was his first start of the season after that ass-long trip to the DL, I don't see any reason to complain. So far, at least he seems to improve the overall quality of the rotation.

Hudson also got on base twice tonight where we got a really clear view of the batting helmet that looked about two sizes too small. He must have grown since last season.

Adam Dunn
I was chilled to read the quote from a Dayton Daily News story in this post at Redleg Nation saying that the Danny Graves' spring training jersey that Dunn had hung up on the wall had mysteriously disappeared from the clubhouse during their roadtrip.

OK, getting rid of the chairs was one thing: they symbolized frivolity in a clubhouse that needed to be reminded to focus on business. But there was nothing frivolous about the 32 on the wall. The players wanted to remember Graves, and the management should want them to remember him, too, or at least the example they made of him.

I can't come up with a reason that anyone would take this jersey with what I know. Leading theories include:

  1. Dunn is a discipline problem that we haven't heard about from the media and taking down the shirt was an effort to break his defiant will.
  2. Dunn hasn't be doing so hot lately and taking down the shirt was punitive.
  3. Graves asked for it back and everyone forgot to tell Dunn.
  4. Someone's going to make a fortune with it on eBay.
  5. The shirt was so embarassed to be associated with a team that got swept by the Rockies that it pulled itself off the wall and wandered off.
  6. (By far, the most likely of all) Something that I haven't thought of because I don't have enough information or understanding.

No matter what the reason, the whole thing gave me an ooky feeling that I still have not shook. On the other hand, the Reds have won three games since the shirt came down. Maybe we should take away all of their shirts. I could get on board with that.

Gold Star Chili Reds Wrap
On April 29, I posted this screenshot from the intro to the Gold Star Chili Reds Wrap. Obviously from the video but less obviously from the still shot, the player was Barry Larkin and his jersey number had been digitally removed. On tonight's edition of the Reds Wrap, I noticed that the clip of the player in question has been removed entirely from the leader. So my screenshot is the only evidence that it ever existed.

Should that post suddenly go missing and RHM fall eerily silent, be afraid!

On to Bigger and Better Things
A tidy sweep of one of the worst teams in baseball neatly completed, it's time to try our luck with Baltimore. I hope we get to see Sammy Sosa stand next to Wily Mo Peña for comparison purposes. I think we have the better side.

Go Reds!