Daily Archives: June 26, 2005

June 26, 2005

A Whole New Way To Lose

Well, that was exciting, huh? After a half-season of watching either the offense roll over or the pitching implode, today we got to see the defense lose a game. How refreshing.

I don't have much insight to share. Let's see if I can scrape together a list of seven plus or minus two points to make into bullets:

  • Jon thinks that Brian Shackleford's nickname should be “Love”. Then when “Love” Shackleford came up to bat, they could play the B-52's (“Tin roof…rusted!”)
  • On FSNO, they showed clips of Adam Dunn and David Weathers expressing their anger in the dugout. Dunn has looked frustrated a lot these last couple games, more than after incidents involving furniture, shirts, and friends getting sent down. Maybe it's been building. Or maybe winning and losing is actually what he cares about. Or maybe something else; what do I know?
  • Ever since I mentioned the Tony Little Geico commercial in my smack talking with Bellyscratcher this week, I've been getting constant hits from people apparently wanting to read more about Tony Little and Geico. Makes me wonder whether I can increase my traffic by mentioning that Ricoh commercial with Todd Coffey walking around the office grinning at everyone, probably amused with himself for replacing all their non-nasty lunches with mayonnaise and banana sandwhiches.
  • Reds get to go back to beating up on the Cards on Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to it.
  • It's rapidly coming up on a month since I did a human league entry. Other bloggers manage to put together 50,000-word discussions of the effect of global warming on OPS on practically a daily basis, and I can't even be bothered to type up how many kids Griffey has. Consider me chastened. Maybe I can pull something together on the off-day, but I'm not promising anything.

Rest up, guys, things could start getting real exciting real quick. The Reds are running out of different ways to lose; they're bound to start trying out some new ways to win about now.

Go Reds!