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June 13, 2005

Milton Scheduled for Exploratory Surgery

BOSTON, MA -- The day after Paul Wilson is scheduled for exploratory shoulder surgery, Eric Milton will also go under the knife.

Milton, who suffers no physical ailments and reports no pain, appears to be the victim of a mental block. The surgery Saturday will be on his brain.

“He tried to work through it. We put him through sensory deprivation, regression therapy, even hypnosis,” Dr. Timothy Kremchek, the Reds medical director said. “Seriously, we had him in the fetal position crying for mommy every single day. But he's hit a wall. Brain surgery is drastic, but he's hurting the team. We have to do what's best for the Reds organization: get Milton off the active roster.”

Because he's not sure what the surgery will uncover, Kremchek can't predict how long Milton will be out, but everyone is hoping it will be a while.

Kremchek will perform the surgery. He said it was the only option left.

“They certainly can't move him to the bullpen,” said Kremcheck.