Daily Archives: June 8, 2005

June 8, 2005

A Delicious Wily Mo Homerun Sandwhich

Holey samoley, what a great night for Wily Mo Peña and for any fans out there who's capacity for enjoyment of this sport hasn't been completed crusted over with the jadedness of repeatedly watching your team start to put something together, only to drop it and scatter the pieces all over the place.

Eric Milton looked like he was starting to put something together on the mound. He made it through four innings giving up only one run. But he dropped it in the fifth when he gave up six runs, including the grand slam to Eduardo Perez. Shards of a quality start flew everywhere.

Nevertheless, the Reds proved that it is actually possible to win a start by Milton when their own homerun hitters turned out for a change. Tonight they were:

  • Joe Randa in the third. Jon's excited because Randa's improving his trade value. I'm not yet excited about the idea of trading Randa.
  • Jason LaRue in the seventh. The game wasn't on t.v. here, but I could just imagine the scene on a hot Ohio night. No one in the league wears perspiration better.
  • Adam Dunn in the eighth. (“Oh, that's how it's done. I get it now.”)
  • Jacob Cruz in the eighth. I was relieved they didn't pinch run for him this time.
  • Wily Mo sandwiched them all with one in the second and the walk-off in the ninth. And all on his bobblehead night.

Let's hope those guys show up again tomorrow as we watch Luke Hudson make his first attempt of 2005 and see if he can't help do something to rid us of some of this jadedness.

Go Reds!