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June 24, 2005

It’s 10:30, It’s Friday Night, And It’s Time To Party

I'm your excellent host, and with me, as always, is Garth.

“Party” in my case, of course, means sitting in front of the iMac typing, even though I've already posted twice today. What can I say, but I'm feeling so good after that win that I just can't stop myself from tapping away like crazy at these keys. You can tell I'm a real party girl.

So, I was chatting with Joel (Reds and Blues) before the game, and two things from that conversation I want to bring up to the entire class.

It's Called A Gift Horse, My Friends
First, I understand that teams always seem to win after a managerial change and that a lot of you don't want to get all optimisitic and get your hearts broken again, but that doesn't necessarily mean that there's nothing to this winning streak. It's not an impossibility that we could be looking at something real here.

This team really can be fantastic, no matter where Dunn hits, but it requires most of the players to achieve most of their potential. These last three games, we've gotten a taste of that. Maybe it will be short-lived, but we're not Cardinals fans over here: the opportunity to believe is a rare luxury. There will be plenty of time later in 2005 to start planning for 2006.

Another Man's Moccasins
Second, it's just gotta suck to be Austin Kearns. Can you even get your head around how it would feel to be 25 and already be looking back at the wasted years? To be constantly compared to your bestest buddy and found lacking? To give it your all and be rewarded with injuries? It's not fair.

Of course it's not fair; what ever is? But that doesn't mean you have to like it. And being the busy-body that I am and unable to leave things alone, I decided that I'd send Kearns an encouraging e-mail. You can do it too, through the Bats' website. I cannot vouch for whether anyone will receive it, of course, but as always I'm optimistic.

I guess you could also use this link to send a discouraging e-mail, and that's certainly your perogative, but you'd be being a jerk.

In-Game Ponderances
I also had a few thoughts during the game:

  • I miss Freel. Cut the damn toe off and get it over with. I doubt he's wearing a lot of open-toed shoes anyway, though this is the season for it.
  • Milton looked like a normal pitcher on the poor side of average. A step in the right direction!
  • Encarnación was present.
  • Griffey was awesome. Is that what he used to be like? I usually find his homerun strut to be borderline offensive in its cockiness, but tonight it had a different feel to it. It was…sorta…well…hot.
  • FSN talked to Felipe after the game. What a sweetie-pie. I hope he does go to the All-Star game.

And most importantly…

  • REDS WIN! Three in a row. They can do it again tomorrow.

I believe.

Go Reds!

June 24, 2005

Eight Stupid Questions For Joe Randa

Red Hot Mama got the rare opportunity to sit down with Fan Favorite Joe Randa recently and ask him eight stupid questions about his favorite things.

RHM: Joe, you have two sons. If you'd had a daughter, what would you have named her?
JR: Probably Fernanda, or maybe Miranda.

RHM: Do you have a favorite kind of music?
JR: I've always been partial to banda.

RHM: Favorite black and white mammal?
JR: It's gotta be the panda.

RHM: Favorite place to drink iced tea?
JR: On the veranda.

RHM: Favorite form of interdepartmental communication?
JR: You can't beat memoranda.

RHM: Favorite African nation?
JR: I've always wanted to visit Uganda.

RHM: Most powerful tool of cold-war era communism?
JR: Definitely propaganda.

RHM: Favorite Spanish dessert?
JR: What else coud it be but flan? Duh.

June 24, 2005

Next Thing You Know I’ll Be Selling T-Shirts

Stop whatever you're doing and prepare to update your links, bookmarks, and homepages!

I'm pleased to announce that my crack technical support team has procured a totally non-heinous domain to be the new home of Red Hot Mama. Point your browser to


to look at exactly what you're looking at now.