Daily Archives: June 19, 2005

June 19, 2005

I <3 Dmitri Young

I'm spending this weekend visiting my cousins Ben and Terry in Coldwater, Michigan. I had initially had hopes of trying to catch the Reds games while I was up here, but when we arrived we discovered that the only baseball that we were going to have immediate access to was on Fox Sports Michigan. Probably all for the better; watching the Reds isn't exactly conducive to weekend fun these days.

When we turned on Fox Sports Michigan, they were showing the weekly wrap for the Detroit Tigers (quick aside -- why doesn't Fox Sports Ohio do a weekly wrap of the Reds? I see the commercials for the Indians version all the time, but no Reds) which featured prominently Dmitri Young. They'd miked him so we got to hear his ritual teammate greetings, conversations on first, and absolutely bitchin' Macho Man Randy Savage impression.

I had always been inordinately fond of Dmitri and everything he brought to the game. That's when it occurred to me what the Reds have been missing these last few years: the goofy handshakes. If the Reds can find someone to bring on who can incorporate complicated moves into their pre-game salutations (“OK, first you put your right hand in, then you put your right hand out…) then I'm sure we'll see things turn around in short order.

You think it will take more than that? Well, you may have a point. But it couldn't hurt. Unlike some teams I could mention, the Tigers won last night.