Daily Archives: June 4, 2005

June 4, 2005

A Little House Cleaning

Not the kind that sends Miley back to AAA, just tidying up here at RHM. I'm expecting guests this weekend, and I'd hate for them to have to see my dirty laundry and copies of Redbook lying around everywhere.

My crack technical support staff has added links to The Cutting Edge and CardNilly and removed the link to Popo's Blog after almost two weeks of inactivity over there. Too bad; it really was a great name for a blog.

Also, we've been having some problems with spam links showing up in the comments of old entries, so my crack technical support staff has begun the process of disabling comments on old entries. That might just make for more spam comments on the newer entries, but at least they'd be easier for me to find and delete.

And that's all I've got for the evening. I would like to provide something amusing to get rid of some of that bad taste left by tonight's performance in Colorado, but I was suddenly hit with flu-like symptoms in the bottom of the sixth, and I haven't got anything left. It was so bad that I couldn't even stomach red wine, which is really a shame considering how much I could have used a drink about then.

So I'll just collect these socks I left on the floor and go get rested up. Need to shake this bug ASAP in case I really need a drink during tomorrow's game.