June 24, 2005

Eight Stupid Questions For Joe Randa

Red Hot Mama got the rare opportunity to sit down with Fan Favorite Joe Randa recently and ask him eight stupid questions about his favorite things.

RHM: Joe, you have two sons. If you'd had a daughter, what would you have named her?
JR: Probably Fernanda, or maybe Miranda.

RHM: Do you have a favorite kind of music?
JR: I've always been partial to banda.

RHM: Favorite black and white mammal?
JR: It's gotta be the panda.

RHM: Favorite place to drink iced tea?
JR: On the veranda.

RHM: Favorite form of interdepartmental communication?
JR: You can't beat memoranda.

RHM: Favorite African nation?
JR: I've always wanted to visit Uganda.

RHM: Most powerful tool of cold-war era communism?
JR: Definitely propaganda.

RHM: Favorite Spanish dessert?
JR: What else coud it be but flan? Duh.

1 comment to “Eight Stupid Questions For Joe Randa”

  1. Joel says:

    RHM: Who’s your favorite Reds blogger?

    Randa: Aman…no, Joel.