June 1, 2012

Seat review site gives a voice to the butts there before yours

One of the hardest things about going to a new ball park is deciding where to sit. Especially for the highly sunburn-able like me, the stupid little diagrams that the MLB sites give you to make your selection utterly fail to provide the really important information.

So I ran across FromThisSeat.com today. You can go here and review the seats in the section you’re sitting in. It’s a nice contribution to the community to be able to warn future visitors about the lack of covering if it rains or let them in on the great view of the Rally Pack while they dance around on the dugout, catapulting t-shirts and hot dogs at the people in the crowd.

It doesn’t look like there are too many reviews of Great American Ball Park sections yet, so if you’ve got a tip to share, consider dropping by. And when you’re headed to a new ball park and can’t decide where to sit, check it out to make sure there isn’t a family of pigeons living in the rafters directly overhead.

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