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June 19, 2012

Votto gets 1M All-Star votes this week

It’s All-Star vote status report day: my favorite days in June!

Joey Votto increased his lead over the second-place vote getter in the first base field. The person he’s beating has changed, though. Freddie Freeman of the Braves has overtaken Lance Berkman of the Cardinals for second place. But whereas Votto had 2.47 times as many votes as Berkman last Tuesday, he has 2.64 times as many votes as Freeman today.

Just more gaudy numbers for Votto.

Meanwhile, Brandon Phillips has finally gotten past the 1,000,000 votes mark, but he’s lost ground on first place Dan Uggla. I don’t know if there’s much hope for this race. Uggla has been a Reds killer for as long as I can remember. Phillips really is a rock star, though. He deserves a better showing.

In the outfield, Jay Bruce has fallen yet again. Fall any further, and he won’t be on the list anymore. Yipes.

You can make a difference for guys like Phillips and Bruce. All you have to do is cast your All-Star votes on MLB.com. It’s free, but the difference you make for one second baseman is all the difference in the world. Plus, maybe we can get Votto over 10,000,000.

Tallies as of June 19, 2012:


  • Joey Votto, Reds: 3,151,032
  • Freddie Freeman, Braves: 1,193,455
  • Lance Berkman, Cardinals: 1,159,418
  • Brandon Belt, Giants: 907,739
  • Ryan Howard, Phillies: 677,368


  • Dan Uggla, Braves: 2,054,920
  • Brandon Phillips, Reds: 1,272,389
  • Jose Altuve, Astros: 1,074,993
  • Omar Infante, Marlins: 901,970
  • Rickie Weeks, Brewers: 814,263


  • Matt Kemp, Dodgers: 3,322,009
  • Carlos Beltran, Cardinals: 2,652,980
  • Melky Cabrera, Giants: 2,144,107
  • Ryan Braun, Brewers: 2,118,925
  • Andre Ethier, Dodgers: 1,517,218
  • Matt Holliday, Cardinals: 1,374,004
  • Hunter Pence, Phillies: 1,234,428
  • Michael Bourn, Braves: 1,201,215
  • Angel Pagan, Giants: 1,158,500
  • Andrew McCutchen, Pirates: 1,151,403
  • Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies: 1,120,406
  • Jason Heyward, Braves: 1,049,769
  • Shane Victorino, Phillies: 1,039,970
  • Martin Prado, Braves: 893,995
  • Jay Bruce, Reds: 893,101

To see the tallies for the other positions, you can go to this story on MLB.com and scroll all the way to the bottom.

June 19, 2012

Arroyo rocks the Fan Cave with Sandler tribute

Reds’ pitcher and stuck-in-the-90s poster child Bronson Arroyo played the Fan Cave recently. I thought there was no way the Fan Cave could top the Brandon Phillips eating weird gourmet foods video, but this one did have me laughing out loud, particularly when Aroldis Chapman made his appearance.

Reds hooded sweatshirt. It’s so goofy it’s good.

June 19, 2012

Game 56: Reds 9, Indians 10

W: Smith (5-1) L: LeCure (2-2) S: Perez (22)


Last night’s game for me was like Las Vegas: exhaustingly active but ultimately disappointing. The Reds dropped the first of the series with the Indians 9-10.

Mat Latos took the mound and was just terrible. In 4.0 innings pitched he allowed 7 runs (earned) on 8 hits, including 3 home runs. Before the game Chris Welsh and George Grande were talking about how Latos could eventually challenge Johnny Cueto for the #1 title, and maybe they’re right, but we sure didn’t see it last night.

Sam LeCure came in for the next couple innings. His line pales in comparison to Latos’s, but it still isn’t any good, allowing 2 runs (earned) on 3 hits. Even J.J. Hoover gave up 1 run (earned) on a hit in his 1.0 inning contribution. Only Logan Ondrusek, who pitched the eighth, didn’t increase the Indians’ score.

But the Indians’ pitching was almost equally terrible. The Reds had chased Derek Lowe after 5.0 innings, and he didn’t even do anything fued-fueled crazy things against Dusty Baker. Boooooooring.

Jay Bruce was the most potent of the offense. He went 3-for-4 with a walk and 2 RBI. Brandon Phillips also had a good night, going 3-for-5 with 1 RBI. You know a lot of runs scored when Joey Votto is mentioned third: 2-for-4 with a walk and an RBI, and even that is just the same as what Ryan Ludwick did.

But despite all that, it was really Scott Rolen who was the offensive story of the game. After being on the DL for over a month with an inflamed shoulder, he was back in the line-up, playing third and batting seventh.

There was always the possibility that Baker would cram Rolen into the clean-up spot, since that’s where he was before going on the DL, but he never really belonged there and I was relieved to see him in the 7-hole. It apparently agreed with him. He had one of his best performances of the year, going 2-for-4 with 2 RBI.

The loss brings the Reds’ record to 38-28. They continue the series in Cleveland tonight at 7:05 p.m. Mike Leake (2-5, 5.05 ERA) takes on Josh Tomlin (3-4, 5.56 ERA).

June 19, 2012

Daily Brief: Latos thinks Indians were stealing signs

Last Game
The Reds lost their first game in 7 tries last night to the Cleveland Indians. It was a slugfest, too, with the final score being 9-10. Each of the starting pitchers allowed 7 runs.

Scott Rolen was back from his lengthy stint on the DL, and he had his best game of the season last night. Not that that the bar was set too high this year, but he did go 2-for-4 with 2 RBI.

Next Game
The Reds continue the series and the Battle for Ohio with the Indians tonight at 7:05 at Progressive Field. Mike Leake (2-5, 5.05 ERA) goes against Josh Tomlin (3-4, 5.56 ERA). When the Reds faced Tomlin last week, they touched him for 6 runs, so the offensive fireworks may continue tonight.

It’s Not Like They Took a Yield Sign or Anything
After the game, Mat Latos implied that his woes on the mound were due, at least in part, to the Indians stealing his signs. “…they put better swings on the ball than they did most of the time without a runner on second base,” he said.

Three things I’d like to point out:

  • The runner on second was stealing signs? How’d that runner get on second?
  • During Latos’s 4.0 innings of work, the Indians went 3-for-8 (.375) when there was a runner on second base. They went 5-for-12 (.417) when there was no runner on second.
  • Unless they are doing the New England Patriots-style high-tech electronics thing, stealing signs isn’t illegal. Going to the media and saying “they were stealing signs” like it’s something fans should be outraged about is like going to the media and saying “they were hitting really well” and expecting people be take up their torches and pitchforks. In both cases, the other team isn’t doing anything wrong and it’s your job to figure out how to fix it.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
If the Indians win tonight and the White Sox lose, the final game of the Battle for Ohio will be between two first place teams. The last time that happened was July 1999.