June 11, 2012

Daily Brief: Reds blow lead on national stage

Last Game
The Reds gave up an early lead on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball last night when they ended up losing to the Tigers, 7-6. The box score makes it look like Jose Arredondo and Sean Marshall put in terrible performances, unable to get a single out, but in both cases they only got one batter before Baker yanked them. It was bullpen mismangement like we haven’t seen out of Baker in years: maybe the high-profile game made him feel the need to put his mark on the game.

There were other problems too. There were a couple defensive gaffes and Joey Votto had a crap night at the plate, but I think the Reds with better management would have pulled this one out.

Next Game
The Reds have today off to lick their wounds and deal with the fact that they’ve lost two series in a row. Tomorrow they host the Cleveland Indians.

Another Streak Bites the Dust
Yesterday’s 0-for-4 performance from Joey Votto broke a 15-game hitting streak. That streak was the longest in his career, and the longest for a Red since Brandon Phillips did it in 2010. Phillips had a 22-game hit streak in 2007, and we may need such performances from both these guys to pull out of this recent scuffling.

Especially considering that last night’s game began a “streak” of two straight rough outings for Aroldis Chapman. And I’m not talking about “rough by Chapman’s standards”: 2 runs (earned) on 2 hits and a walk in 1.0 innings is pretty bad for any reliever. Might want to get that guy looked over.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
Yesterday was the 67th anniversary of Joe Nuxhall becoming the youngest player in Major League history. He was 15 when he took the mound against the St. Louis Cardinals and did terribly, but he turned out to be something special. Maybe there’s hope for this young Dusty Baker character.

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  1. 62 year reds fan says:

    The Reds have the dumbest manager in MLB.