July 19, 2005

But I Love Watching Him Leave

image Today we say farewell to Jason Romano, who elected free agency over accepting assignment to AAA Louisville.

And as we bid him well, we say goodbye to more than just an adequate backup; we also sad goodbye to a friend. And a smoking hottie.

Let's take just one more opportunity to enjoy the scenery, shall we?
So Pretty
Pretty AND Sweet

::contented sigh::

OK, that being said, the slot for hottest Red is again open. Watching the game tonight, I want to nominate Luke Hudson, but he actually looks quite a bit like Romano, and we might be ready to go a completely different direction. Wily Mo or Austin Kearns, for example, because these two must always be in competition.

I'm accepting nominations. Ought to be a fun contest to judge.

6 comments to “But I Love Watching Him Leave”

  1. Standridge is pretty attractive. His ERA isn’t so we may not be seeing much of him, but if they could just put the camera on him for a few minutes every game that would be great. As for everyday players I myself am a Dunn fan, but his personality plays a large part in that, especially since he is in desperate need of a haircut right now.

  2. SuperBarry11 says:

    This is a tough one… LaRue, Freel, Lopez, Standridge, and Griffey are all good looking, in my opinion. But the winner in my book is Matt Belisle. 🙂

  3. JinAZ says:

    What about David Weathers?

  4. Red Hot Mama says:

    Ooh, I hadn’t thought of Standridge. He *is* pretty.

    And I’d really like to give Jr. his just props for just absolutely fantastic arms.

    I could make an argument for them all. Even Weathers. Maybe I should set up a bracket and host a tournament.

  5. dunnlover44 says:

    i think that dunn,larue,kearns,lopez,standridge and pena all are really hot.

  6. Red Hot Mama says:

    Welcome, dunnlover44. It’s always nice to see a new name pop up in the comments.

    I ended up giving the award to [url=http://www.red-hot-mama.com/comments.php?id=253_0_1_0_C]Standridge[/url], but as I mentioned [url=http://www.red-hot-mama.com/comments.php?id=272_0_1_0_C]today[/url], I think Dunn can make a real run at it next year, if he applies himself.