July 25, 2005

Eight Stupid Questions with Jacob Cruz

Once again, Red Hot Mama has been fortunate enought to sit down with a Red, this time it was Jacob Cruz, to ask him eight stupid questions about his favorite things.

RHM: Jacob, you have a very cute dog. What are her favorite toys?
JC: Sometimes she chews shoes.

RHM: What are your favorite female farm animals and creatures from Australia?
JC: I think I'll go with ewes and kangaroos.

RHM: Favorite place to take a nap?
JC: I like to snooze in zoos.

RHM: What's your favorite way to travel down a river?
JC: If I had to choose, I'd use canoes.

RHM: Favorite thing about teammate Felipe Lopez?
JC: Tough question, but you can't lose with the tattoos.

RHM: Favorite way to use herbs?
JC: They're the only way to infuse stews.

RHM: Favorite pastime after a game?
JC: I turn on the t.v. and peruse news.

RHM: Favorite children's show that features an atypically colorful dog?
JC: Clifford. What?

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