July 28, 2005

Reds Haikus

After two series splits, I'm feeling the zen. Let's enjoy some Reds haikus:

The catcher throws wide
The delivery so slow
Freel has stolen five

LaRue's two-bomb game
Why do we see him rise up?
Latin Love Machine

He improves every day
I still miss Randa

Second, short, and third
Aurilia rocks them all
You want to buy him?

Since the All-Star Break
Reds win nine in fourteen tries
What is going on?

3 comments to “Reds Haikus”

  1. Brian B says:

    Love the haikus. Here are some early season impressions:


  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hi, Brian,

    Here I thought I was being original. I *knew* I should have gone with limericks.

    But if I had, you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to clue me in, and I wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy your post. It’s all very circular. I’m continuing to feel the zen.

    Thanks for the link. Good stuff. 🙂

  3. Joel says:

    [i]Haikus by Mama?
    They are a big time success
    Too bad the Reds aren’t

    The Reds and Haikus
    They go together like mom
    and hot apple pie

    Just one last request
    Please sell an RHM thong
    covered in haikus

    No not one of yours
    But one from your store silly
    Do you think I’m sick?

    Seriously now,
    Who do you think I am here?
    Some kind of pervert?

    What is that look for?
    I really *did* mean a thong
    from your online store.

    So, this is awkward
    I’m defending myself here
    while still in haiku

    Perhaps I should stop
    You’re probably sick of this
    I know that I am

    I guess I will go
    Thanks for your time and haikus
    Keep up the good work![/i]