August 1, 2005

The Stories of the Day

Most every weekday morning, I start my work day with a nice long trip 'round the Reds media. Well, the online media. That doesn't charge me. Or require me to sign up for an account. It's not really that long a trip 'round after all.

This morning, I saw this photo and made it my desktop wallpaper. It sat there for two hours before I noticed the ball. Ouch. I bet that left a welt.

The bit about Freel wanting to do it all himself in this story made me laugh out loud. This is the mindset he had when he tried to steal home in the first on Sunday. That was a play that none of the game wraps I read mentioned, which was disappointing. I was really interested to know whether a play was on or whether Freel had just had too many Skittles before the game.

I am extremely happy to see this:

CAMP KEARNS: Austin Kearns' workout regimen did not end when he returned to the Reds from Triple-A Louisville.

“No, I'm still doing it,” he said. “It's pretty much a daily thing. I get Sundays off.”

That's just fantastic. Good for Kearnsy. Next step: get Dunn to put down the xBox controller long enough to go along. Hell, send Casey too.

Lots about Aurilia's discontentment today. There was this story:

Ryan Freel's return from the disabled list coupled with Edwin Encarnacion's promotion has pushed Aurilia into a utility role.

“That's what I've been told,” Aurilia said.

Aurilia was the Reds' everyday second baseman while Freel was on the DL.

“I thought with the way I played, I earned the right to be in the lineup every day,” Aurilia said.

As well as quote from this story that made me raise my eyebrows.

If the Reds decide they're unhappy with Aurilia's attitude about the situation, they have the option to release him. It hasn't come to that point yet, though.

“I know [manager] Jerry [Narron] has explained to [Aurilia] what his role is, for the time being,” O'Brien said. “Ultimately, that's Jerry's decision, and I support him in whatever decision he makes.”

I've felt underappreciated and underutilized before, and I probably had less of an argument than Aurilia does. It sucks. I'm sorry that's how it is for him. I hope that there's an answer that works out for everyone. Until then, I hope he shuts up about it; he's not making things better.

And finally, a little bit about Luke Hudson from this story in The Post:

Probably because he has pitched better, Hudson was not pleased to be pushed back in the rotation. But he said he didn't want to comment on the change.

It's nice to see that not everyone feels the need to talk too much.

2 comments to “The Stories of the Day”

  1. Dr. J says:

    After Freel attempted to steal home, I ran into the bedroom to turn on the radio to here what Marty had to say about the attempted steal. After the commericial break, he was giving the defensive positions of the reds starters and when he got to Freel he said," Ryan Freel is in center field today and he is currently recovering from his brain cramp in the top of the inning!" I don’t think it was a set play when Aurilla leads the team with runners in scoring position. It was a brain cramp!

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hi Doc. Glad to hear from you again.

    You’re right, of course; it probably was not a play. That would not have been a particularly apt time to have it on.

    But if the play were on, kudos for calling it when the Padres (and the rest of the universe) would least expect it.