Daily Archives: September 5, 2005

September 5, 2005

A Potpourri of Crap: A Crapourri

I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but when I started this holiday weekend I was still approaching Reds games with sincere optimism about the performance and a naïve hope that some sense of accomplishment could still be achieved this season.

Tonight, though, as I listened to the Reds give it up to the Brewers to the tune of 6-1, I realized that my defense mechanism has kicked in and I no longer suffer with my team. So, it's possible that the optimistic tone of things that you're used to around these parts may take a turn toward chiding sarcasm. The worse they stink, the more I laugh. Don't take it personally; I'm not making fun, not really. It's just that, for my own protection, my heart is now a secret garden, and the walls are very high.

One More Thing On The Bats
I forgot to mention yesterday that Chris Denorfia was not in the line-up for the Bats' game on Saturday after his crash into the center-field wall to end the Friday night game. He was up-and-around enough to play first-base coach for a couple innings, but I still wonder whether this has anything to do with why he hasn't been among the call-ups to this point.

Speaking of call-ups, quite a night for Chris Booker and Allan Simpson tonight, huh? The two shared the top of the ninth inning and combined to double the opponent's score. Nice. Listening to Marty call these guys for the rest of the season ought to be a real treat.

Autographs For Charity
If you are heading to the game tomorrow night anyway, you might get there a little early and get your copy of Oh Say Can You Sing? autographed by Mr. Sean Casey. And here I thought I was being snarky when I suggested the same thing.

The story on CR:TOS identifies Casey as “one of four Major Leaguers featured” on the CD, which I find a little baffling, since there are 11 tracks on the CD each performed by a major leaguer. Even if you subtract Ozzie Smith for not being active, you still don't get four. Maybe the author is saying only four of them deserve to be in the majors.

In any event, it's a good cause, nice product, etc. Turn out early if you have an extra 25 bucks. Tell him the RHM sent you and enjoy the blank stare you get in return.

More Crap To Come
The long weekend is almost officially at an end, and as we look forward to the four-day work week, we also look forward to three more big opportunities for Cincinnati to provide me some laughs. Ought to be a good time.

Go Reds!