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September 28, 2005

Choose Your Own Adventure, Reds Style

You awake from a deep sleep, sit up in bed, and try to figure out what is wrong. You look around: the bedroom is unfamiliar and a woman who looks vaguely familiar is lying next to you, still sleeping. Concerned, you swing your legs out from under the covers to the floor, and realize that you don't recognize your legs. What is going on?

You make your way through the bathroom door and turn on the light. You squint in the sudden brightness, but your eyes pop wide as you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. You stare agape at your reflection.

The man staring back at you is Reds' General Manager Dan O'Brien.

You are stunned, speechless. You don't know how this happened or what it means. But slowly it dawns on you that you have been presented with an opportunity; finally you can do all the things that you've known all along that the Reds have needed to do. The question is whether you can keep yourself employed long enough to make any real changes.

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