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September 11, 2005

Posters for the Unmotivated

Joel gets something like ten times the traffic that I do. Therefore, I’m guessing that most people reading this right now are already up to speed on the back story of the posters, and the rest of you will probably be on your way over there shortly, so I’ll just get right down to it.

All photographs copyright of their respective owners. Their respective owners also get a great big thank you from Red Hot Mama for taking such lovely photos and making them available online. If you are the owner of one of these photographs, drop me a line and I will make sure you get proper attribution.

Don’t see your favorite team? It’s probably over at Reds and Blues.

PS: If Reds and Blues won’t load for you, check out the remaining posters at the GARB.

Cincinnati Reds

Reds: Impact

Milwaukee Brewers

Brewers: Stinginess

St. Louis Cardinals

Cardinals: Expectations

Atlanta Braves

Braves: Motivation

Philadelphia Phillies

Phillies: Brotherhood

Arizona Diamondbacks

Diamondbacks: Shortsightedness

San Diego Padres

Padres: Perspective

San Francisco Giants

Giants: Ancient

Baltimore Orioles

Orioles: Conformity

New York Yankees

Yankees: Extravagance

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Devil Rays: Senility

Detroit Tigers

Tigers: Fearlessness

Minnesota Twins

Twins: Preservation

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Angels: Ingenuity

Seattle Mariners

Mariners: Hindsight

September 11, 2005

The Battle For Last Place

It was a tough battle, fought ferociously, but the Pirates emerged the winners in the Fight For Last Place by losing two of the three game series this weekend. Not that the Pirates were in any real danger of losing the title, but the Reds were in a position to make a real statement about their suckitude if they were swept by the only team in their division with a worse record.

I was lucky enough to see the final game of the series, live and in person, this afternoon as part of my annual Big Anniversary Trip.

I thought the Reds might have a real chance to prove themselves worse than the Pirates when they were being shut out through six innings, but Jason LaRue spoiled that when he provided the one home run I would see over the course of my two-game visit. Soon, the Reds were up 3-5, which is the score at which the game would end.

This battle is won, but the war is not over. The Reds will be visiting Pittsburgh next weekend after a stop through Chicago to take part in the Battle For Biggest Unrealized Expectations.

Go Reds!