June 13, 2006

Game 63: Cubs 9, Reds 3

The Reds utterly failed to split the four-game series with the Cubs on Sunday when they lost their third in a row, 9-3.

Eric Milton wasn't the problem with his four runs allowed (three earned) on six hits and one walk through seven innings. David Weathers didn't help matters with his three runs (earned) on three hits in zero innings. Chris Hammond coughed up two runs (earned) on three hits through one.

Rick White was the only pitcher to hold the Cubs scoreless on zero hits through the ninth. Though, by that time, the Cubs might have just been embarrassed to score any more.

Adam Dunn, Austin Kearns, Scott Hatteberg, Brandon Phillips, and David Ross had one hit apiece. And that's it. Dunn, Philips, and Ross were the ones to knock in the three runners.

And all this against a brand-new rookie starter and the Cubs' bullpen. Ugh.

The loss brought the Reds' record to 36-27. They would continue the bleeding on Monday when they sent Aaron Harang out to face the Brewers' brand-new rookie starter Zach Jackson.

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