June 25, 2006

Game 74: Reds 3, Indians 0

The Reds, fueled by a complete game shutout from Aaron Harang and a 5-for-5 night from Ryan Freel, opened the series against the Indians with a big win on Friday, 0-3 in Cleveland.

Harang allowed seven hits and two walks in his eighth win of the season. He struck out six.

Freel's five hits accounted for half of the team's total of ten. His two runs scored accounted for two-thirds of the team's total of three. His hyperactivity accounted for the cans of Jolt left all over the clubhouse floor.

This game wrap is only four paragraphs long so far, but what more is there to say? Maybe just “Yayyyyy!!”

The win brought the Reds' record to 40-34. They would continue the series against the Indians on Saturday when they sent Bronson Arroyo out to face Paul Byrd.

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