June 27, 2006

I Think We All Saw That Coming

Our beloved Reds: Vastly improved starting rotation. Bullpen putting way fewer games out of reach. Most potent offense in the world. Complete powerhouse on the road.

Also our beloved Reds: A hair's breadth from 2005 Eric Milton. Coffey redeeming a rough outing he's been due for for a while. Offense out-homered by KC. Stumbling at home.

At least it's never boring.

If you don't frequent Red Reporter, you might not have noticed the writer of Royals Revue dropping a little smack talk in the diaries. Don't worry: I went over there and told them where to find the real smack.

So to you, Mr. Revue and to KC fans everywhere: welcome! We look forward to watching Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo take your fellas to school the next couple nights. If nothing else, I think you'll find that Mr. Red and the cheerleaders out-spirit your in-stadium entertainment any day of the week!

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