Daily Archives: September 13, 2006

September 13, 2006

3/5 of 360°

So, I guess Milton is going to pitch Sunday, despite having received a cortisone shot and clearly not being 100%. An injured Milton. Lucky us!

Earlier today, when it was looking like Milton might not take the mound again, it suddenly occurred to me that the Reds were down to three starters, and number three was Lohse. We see how well that worked out tonight.

I dunno, I guess, despite all my “enjoy the free-fall” kind of talk, a little tiny part of me still believed. It's hard to look at the second-place standing and just the five games back on the Cards and abandon all hope. But how can a team, even a team in the NLC, possibly sniff the postseason with just three starters? That's not a full rotation; that's barely 216°.

Oh well. Just one more of these and we can go smack around the Cubs for a while.