Daily Archives: September 25, 2006

September 25, 2006

The ‘Heck, Why Not?’ Game Thread

I'm home. I've got the game on WGN. Why not talk to myself in the comments of a post about how, by embarrassing themselves in this series, the Reds are helping themselves for next year by keeping Dusty Baker employed?

Bronson Arroyo has already given up a hit to Pierre. Gotta love it.

September 25, 2006

Welcome Back, Castro

Looks like we'll be treated to the defensive styling of Juan Castro a little while longer. According to Marc, the Reds have inked him to a two-year contract extension with a club option for 2009.

I expect this is just the first of many, many similar deals we'll see before spring training 2007 and beyond. Before we know it, the Reds will be known as the Equipo de Oro. Whether they'll be the Equipo de Ganar is yet to be determined.

September 25, 2006

Blogger Day

Saturday was Blogger Day in Cincinnati, and what a day it was. I started off my day bright and early on Saturday morning, getting up at 8 so I could be out the door by 9:30 to drop my boy off with his Grandma in time to get to Dewey's Pizza by 1. Even though the alarm usually goes off at 5:30, 8 a.m. is NOT sleeping in.

Getting to Cincinnati was easy enough, but when our direction to the pizza place instructed us to “Take the left exit” was where we got lost. Once we got close, we still couldn't find the building. It was dumb luck that the Crack Technical Staff® happened to park in the correct garage. It was several more minutes of going up and down stairs at Newport on the Levee before we finally found ourselves on the chilly, damp patio with a bunch of not-so-strangers.

I forgot to take my camera, so I won't linger on lunch. Just that everyone was fun and there was beer for all! And we left the restaurant only half an hour after we were supposed to have arrived at the Reds Hall of Fame.