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September 18, 2006

Episode 23: Frustration

Even though we finally got the recording-during-the-commute-home idea to work (mostly), this was still a podcast fraught with frustration. How could it not be? It's about the Reds!

This week, the Crack Technical Staff and I chat about:

  • The horror of the Padres series. People said that it was must-win if the Reds were going to keep any hope of the postseason alive. They lost the series, so I guess all hope is gone!
  • The grizzly Cubs series. Did you realize that they were shut out for 22 consecutive innings? They scored seven runs in the whole series; it's a miracle they won any at all. Grudging thanks to Bronson Arroyo, though fat lot of good it does us now.
  • The upcoming potential humiliation of the Astros series. Kyle Lohse versus Roy Oswalt? Come on, is that even fair?
  • Eric Milton playing hurt when it didn't matter anyway (and Griffey not when it did).
  • Wacky baseball news, such as Pete Rose's last money-making scheme, how to know what it feels like to be a terror victim without all the actual terror, and your legal right to call Adam Dunn a fatass.

We didn't have any callers to the call-in line this week, but I have faith that you guys will come up with some wacky messages before next Monday. (513) 729-7106.

Episode 23: Frustration (10.6 MB, 15:26)

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September 18, 2006

Go Little Ray Ray!

He's so cute: how could you not love an Olmedo home run?