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December 5, 2009

Redsfest: Rekindling the spark of your love affair with baseball

Redsfest_from_aboveMy feet and back are sore from all the walking and the carrying of multitudinous bags, but Redsfest has left me smiling with the memory of why I like baseball in the first place.

Funny how something so seemingly arbitrary and disconnected with the core of what makes me me has nevertheless introduced me to some of my favorite people and been with me when I’ve passed some of my happiest hours.

I hope that we’ll be able to post our full photo gallery later today, but I wanted to take a moment this morning to tell you that, if you’ve found that you relationship with baseball has lost some of its luster and you find yourself tempted by other sports, you might drop by day two of Redsfest. It opens in 10 minutes and will be there till 7 p.m.